Last updated
Mar 6, 2023

IRB Consent

Study Title: Mobile Application to Assist Image Exploration for People with Visual Impairments University of Michigan

Key Information

Things you should know:

  • You will still be able to use this application if you decide not to participate in this study.
  • The purpose of the study is to understand how Image Explorer supports people with visual impairments to interact with a variety of appliances.
  • This study is intended for users with visual impairment
  • If you choose to participate, we will collect usage data as you use the application.
  • There are no direct benefits of your participation, but the results of the study will help all users with visual impairment.

Taking part in this research study is voluntary. You do not have to participate and you can decide to opt out of the study at any time through settings. Please take time to read this entire form and ask questions before deciding whether to take part in this research study.


This project will investigate the role of Image Explorer for helping with exploring images by blind and visually impaired individuals. We developed a mobile application where you upload an image of interest and are then able to understand the contents of the image through summary and a touch-based interface. We would like to understand how Image Explorer helps in exploring images.

Data Collection

We will be collecting usage data such as device information, finger movement, session information, and state changes as you use the app. The researchers will try to minimize risks to your information privacy by storing data on a secure server, and keeping identifiable information (i.e., your name, email) separate. We will keep the information we collect about you during the research for future research projects and for study recordkeeping, but no published articles or presentations will not include any information that would let others know who you are. We may use or share your research information for future research studies. We will not ask for your additional informed consent for these studies. Additionally, we may contact you via in-app notifications or email to gather your feedback.

Ending the Study

You are free to opt out of the study at any time through settings. The researchers will keep the information collected about you for the research unless you ask us to delete it from our records. If the researchers have already used your information in a research analysis it will not be possible to remove your information.

Contact information

Principal Investigator: Anhong Guo

I am age 18 or older Yes/No
I have read and understand the information above Yes/No
I consent to participate in this research Yes/No